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Company Overview

Beginning 2006, Innovative Engimach has been a leading source and support for Switch Mode Power

Supply, LED Drivers, DC‐DC converters and customized products. Innovative Engimach has, in the past Ten Years of existence, stepped into the field and is already making its mark. The company offers a vast array of high quality control panels, including the coveted MEANWELL SMPS and NIPPON INDIA PIDs for Various Industries.

Our Belief

Growth alone is insufficient and inconsequential. True benefit lies only in the growth characterized by sustainability.


Sustainable growth needs to be uniform and proportionate throughout the structure of the entity. The growth of a single part of the body, leaving behind the rest, leads to deformity and instability. Similarly, the growth of the organization cannot occur if just the company, which is a mere part of the organization, grows.


The purview of sustainable growth also includes benefit to society. In the long run, the materialistic success of the company is futile if its efforts have failed to benefit those around it. We at Innovative Engimach, continue to put effort to bring out the best in our vicinity and make it prosper along with the organization.



To be among the top controller manufacturers in India


To create world class products with best value for money


Commitment to our company objectives

The below are our fundamental values that we hold as sacrosanct and nothing surpasses them.

  • Integrity
  • People Development and personal growth
  • Passion for Innovation and Technology
  • Ethical Conduct
  • Agility and Flexibility in serving customers

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516, Centre Point,

R. C. Dutt Road,

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